Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts Among Street-involved Youth

There is a considerably higher suicide rate among homeless or street-involved youth compared to the general youth population. New research by Frederick et al. (2012) looks at this discrepancy by examining variables associated with both suicidal thoughts and attempts among 150 homeless or street-involved youth in Toronto, Canada. Their results underscore the negative impacts of depression, self-harm, bullying, and on-street discrimination in relation to suicidal ideation and attempts.

Tyler J Frederick; Maritt Kirst; Patricia G Erickson (2012). Suicide attempts and suicidal ideation among street-involved youth in Toronto. Advances in Mental Health: Vol. 11, Substance Use and Mental Health, pp. 8-17. doi: 10.5172/jamh.2012.11.1.8 (abstract)