Our Vision

The Population Research Initiative on Mental Health and Addictions (PRIMHA) is committed to reducing the burden of co-occurring mental health and addiction issues linked with tobacco use in Canada through innovative research that informs population and social change. Addiction and mental health issues are conditions that often co-exist – research in Canada among the general population has shown that people with depression and anxiety are about twice as likely to smoke as those without. Of current smokers aged 19 to 29, 54% reported binge drinking in the past month, compared to 32% of nonsmokers. [1]  Addictions and mental health issues are among the most important contributors to preventable illness in Canada, costing over $20 billion a year.[2]  We seek to better understand the prevalence and correlates of addictions related to tobacco and other substance use, and mental health issues that affect so many in Canada (Figure 1).

Figure 1: PRIMHA Focus Areas




[1] Data source: Statistics Canada (2008). Canadian Community Health Survey 2007/8.

[2] The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science & Technology (2004). Mental health, mental illness and addiction: An overview of policies and programs in Canada. Ottawa: Senate Canada.