Concurrent Smoking and Drinking Among College Students

Cigarette smoking and drinking commonly co-occur in college students, yet few studies have examined the factors that influence concurrent use in this population. A recent study by Witkiewitz et al. (2012) used a 21-day electronic diary of US college students to examine event-level associations between smoking and drinking in the students’ natural environment. They found that students drank more while smoking and smoked three times as many cigarettes during drinking episodes. Further, being with others at a party or bar, as well as increased stress, were associated with increased odds of smoking while drinking. Social settings and stress are key factors to consider for future prevention and intervention efforts in this population.

Witkiewitz K, Desai SA, Steckler G, Jackson KM, Bowen S, Leigh BC, et al. Concurrent drinking and smoking among college students: An event-level analysis. Psychol Addict Behav 2012, 26(3):649-54 (abstract)